Water Skiing

Water Skiing, Goa

Water Skiing is an adventure surface water sport which rider pulled behind of a fast running water boat (30-40 miles an hour). This sport player should experienced person. Water Skiing Persons should wear safety wetsuits, ski bag and gloves to safety his / her life.

Water Skiing is similar to the all other adventure rides in water. The majestic waves which goes through your face and drench the entire body gives you that style statement which cannot be achieved by any other sports. The favorite actor of yours must be seen running into bumchums towards the Sea and one can feel the power of the waves when they try to throw you up in the air. The seasonal experience makes it perfect for enjoying the cool waves as the enjoyment could be taken only during the summer but not in monsoon and afterwards as the weather becomes too rough in Sea.

The seasonal experience is perfect for enthusiasts who go as far as Miami to offer the enthusiastic ones the enjoyment during the perfect weather at Goa. The funfilled atmosphere gives the experience and all the enthralling life gives the land of beaches, parties and the food which gives the kick is always ready at Beaches like Calangute and with the skills in sports achieved through the measures required before setting out to the Sea. The fun and easy thing to do all needs is to have the exhilarating and enjoyable with putting the water-ski on having a little adventure which gives the definition to be completed.

The complete range of water skiing and the safety equipment with safety being the primary concern the person gives the patience and determination to be one of the co-partner in water skiing and the incredible 10 minutes of skiing helps in giving the enjoyment.

Few tips please needed to understand here as requirements are:

. Please carry along swimwear, T-Shirt, Shorts.

. Sun cream, Hat, Sunglasses

. Towel

The Calangute-Baga beach is the most important where one can find the Water Skiing and all the minutes spend in water is worthwhile.

Water Skiing Prices: Rs. 500 - 1,200 per person

Water Skiing Locations: Calangute Beach, Candolim Beach, Arossim Beach, Mobor Beach, Utorda Beach and Rajbagh Beach.