Water Scooter

Water Scooter, Goa

Water Scooter is a big adventure sport with full of the thrills on Goa's beaches. Two or three persons can enjoy this sport together. Water Scooter sport is available on many beaches of the Goa like Dona Paula, Majorda, Cidade de and Candolim beach. The best season to water scooters sport is October to May.

With all the water sports activities which are much of a necessity during the summer to chill out Water Scooter, Goa is the most preferred one. It is easier to ride and people love to go and have a hot ride on water scooter which zooms easily. There are attractions all over Goa beaches but the excellent opportunities for exploring and sightseeing along with waterfalls in Goa. The thought of water riding a water scooter and visit to Goa is an adventure which gets fulfilled with water scooter ride. The duration of water ride is not too long but experience is worth all about it and the fastest of the medium is a water scooter in Sea.

The water scooter is found to be as a better shoot in many of the films across Bollywood and Hollywood and it can accommodate only two person but since it is easy to ride so there is less requirement of a trainer and thus makes it ideal for couple. The water scooter is found to be at Cidade De Goa, Baga Beach, Majorda Beach, Candolim Beach and Dona Paula Jetty with the best time to ride and with the Water sports in Goa is found to be flourishing in between the months of October and May. Te best time for scooter ride is to enjoy water sports in Goa and thus the ride is enjoyed with safety jackets on with the laid back lifestyle coming in forefront with enjoyment that is much appreciated.

The person in you whether he is a swimmer or have been avoiding water can enjoy the ride as it is given much of the importance to help themselves with a safest ride as each scooter goes through proper maintenance and the beaches of Goa has many tour operators which is the best of the attraction to make adventure sports a popular experience.

Water Scooter Rates: Rs. 400 for 10 Minutes (approx)

Water Scooter Sport Locations: : Dona Paula Beach, Majorda Beach, Cidade de Beach and Candolim Beach.