Telecommunication, Goa

Goa is a state which is not only known for its tourist services but it also has lots of industry which is marine based such as ports and trailers unit. Also, fishing is another major industry and with the affinity to the Arabian sea and sharing Pakistan territorial waters through Arabian sea although very far it is necessary to keep an eye on various people coming in and out of it. The only answer to it is through robust telecommunication services and it is done through the help of Goa Telecommunication Services. The list of Broadband services which is through the various operators whether it is the telecommunication or the Internet as the telecommunication is not only confined to phone but it has extended over internet.

Here, are some of the operators which work as Telecommunication operator in Goa:

Jio: Jio is the "Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited" owned company which offers Telecommunication services with affordable rate.

Airtel: Jio is "Bharti Airtel Limited" owned company which offers Telecommunication services.

BSNL: The only Government Telecom Venture apart from MTNL, which keeps the clubs Maharashtra and Goa with the tariff which is easy on pocket and with the quality of internet connections providing the good broadband with better optical fibre makes it most sought after for many offices and shops which prefer it over private operators as compared to other operators.

TATA Broadband: The other major conglomerate after the Government broadband and telecom is TATA Broadband and with the Wi-Fi connectivity along with Goa Domestic and International Airport getting the services by TATA Broadband so it makes a reliable services provider.

Reliance Broadband: The Reliance offers the wired internet packages which gives great monitoring and tracking options which helps in keeping an eye on the data which gets consumed everyday.

Hathway broadband: The Hathway broadband provides the nationwide connectivity and it is fibre based internet services. The Hathway also provides business specific plans with multi-office connectivity thus making it one of the choicest brands among corporate.

The other major operators are GWave, Joister Broadband and Railwire thus helping the people of the state to enjoy better connectivity.

Goa state main telecommunication company is BSNL which is Government enterprises. Tourists can purchase mobile SIM card to talk all over world. For this they should a passport photo copy which includes visa page, entry stamp and photo page.

Some private sector companies SIMs is also available which includes Vodafone, Jio and Airtel.

Tourists can easily get internet cafes in main cities like Panjim, Margao and Vasco Da Gama etc. Foreigner tourist needs first to present their passport visa to use internet.