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Foreign Money Exchange, Goa

Goa which sees the tourist all year around and with people carrying money or currency of different countries money exchange services is something which they always sought for. The Goa money exchange places are although many but is always advisable to take the help of the recognized one and the plenty of money exchange are to be found here. The best way is to carry a traveler’s cheque and then once you reach then converting the money gets easier. The Indian Currency is the most prevalent one here just like any other Indian State. Notes could be found in denominations of Rs 2000, Rs 500, Rs 100, Rs 50, Rs 10 and Rs 5.

The Airport in Goa also has the currency exchange facility and by paying a certain amount of commission one could get the money easily and within a matter of time. The Airport in Goa also has major bank ATM’S which accept the VISA, MASTERCARD and other Currency Logo. Also, the hotels and restaurants also helps in exchanging money but it is better to exchange money through a reputed money changer and also in other safest option one could reach the nationalized bank during the working hours and thus exchange the money immediately with majority of the names such as SBI, BANK OF INDIA and other private ones like ICICI and HDFC Bank.

With much of the money denominations changing in India after demonetization and all the old currencies getting defunct it is good if a person goes through the color coding of various currency notes in India and thus it will help him to avoid any kind of cheating or fraud cases as there are chances that different vendors can provide the person with the old currency notes and thus it is good to beware rather than get duped.

If you are a foreign country tourist then you should change your some currency into Indian rupee notes. People can exchange their money on Dabolim airport or nearest bank branch of the state bank of India, ICICI, Axsis and HDFC. Generally, banks convert money to Indian rupee at lowest rate than private operators. Indian currency has generally Rs. 2000, Rs. 500, Rs. 100, Rs. 50, Rs. 20 and Rs. 10 rupee notes. Reserve Bank of India's Foreign Exchange Department also exist in Panjim city near of the Patto.

Reserve Bank of India's Branch, Patto in Panjim, Goa

ICE Branches, Brisa Apts, Naika Vaddo, Calangute, Bardez, Goa 403 516