Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls Tour, South Goa

Dudhsagar falls is one of the most famous tourist spot at Goa and the beauty of the waterfall is that it is located near a railway station due to which many of the trains which pass by this station gives spectacular view to the people who travel from this area. The fall is located at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollen National Park among the western Ghats. The fall forms the border between Karnataka and Goa states. The adventure spot is heavily surrounded by deciduous forests and has a rich biodiversity with the waterfall which remains almost dry during the summer season but comes back in flow during the monsoon season however the fall comes in full force with rain forming huge water flow.

There are private tour operators which help the people to reach the waterfall and the bus tour is operated by GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) and it also have Dudhsagar Waterfall as one of the tour stops. The more easy way to reach the waterfall is through train and it gives more beautiful scenery as the train passes through scenic rail route of the Western ghats and there are two trains which can be taken at morning and then get back by afternoon. Thus, enjoying the falls majestic presence is felt for many days to come.

Dudhsagar Falls or Sea of Milk is the tallest waterfall of the India. It is situated on the Mandovi River; it is part of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, south Goa. The falls total height is just 310 metres; its total drops are 5. It is just near of the Goa-Karnataka states border. The best season to visit this waterfall is monsoon. Its nearest railway station is Dudhsagar but it is not a platform. Generally, train stopped here for 1-2 minutes only. Tourist also can visit this fall nearest location by train. Tourist should bring fresh water along with because here not is available fresh water to drink. There are not accommodations available near of this waterfall. Mobiles or cellular phones do not work here because not signals available here along with not power supply near of this waterfall.

If you has a plan to visit this water fall then children should not bring together because here are not available any type of accommodation, fresh water and electricity supply.

Best time to Visit: Monsoon is the best time to visit from last June to September.

Tourist attractions: India's tallest waterfalls, Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, Tambdi Surla Mahadeva Temple and Tambi Surla Waterfall.

Nearest Accommodations: Dudhsagar Spa Resort (097663 37696), Natures Nest Resort (097642 61711), Jungle book (098221 21441), Backwoods Camp (094200 72007), Doodhsagar Jungle Resort (097311 25465), Shangri-La Jungle Village Resort (083832 51111), Dandeli Mist Jungle Stay (0831 246 6384), Dudhsagar Plantation (097653 64456).

Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 20.2 20.2 24.6 24.6 24.7 24.7 24.7 24.7 24.7 23.8 21.6 21.6
Average High (℃) 31.8 31.8 32.6 32.6 30.3 30.3 30.3 30.3 30.3 31.7 32.8 32.8

Visit Information:-

Location: Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, South Goa

Nearest Bus Stop: Colem and Kulem

Nearest Railway Station: Doodh Sagar

Total Height: 310 Metres (The Tallest in India)

Distance From:-

Dabolim Airport: 73.3 KM

Panjim City: 73.0 KM

Madgaon City: 50.9 KM