Athirapally Waterfalls Kochi Kerala Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 9-Oct-2023

About Athirapally Waterfalls Kochi Destination: Athirapally Waterfalls is a famous tour destination which is placed just 73 KM far from Kochi port city in Kerala state, India. The waterfalls total height is 25 metres and width 100 metres. The waterfalls Watercourse is Chalakudy River.

  • Athirapally Waterfalls Total Height: 25 metres.
  • Athirapally Waterfalls Number of drops: 4 drops.
  • Athirapally Waterfalls Total width: 100 metres.
  • Athirapally Waterfalls Location: Athirapally, Kerala.
  • Athirapally Waterfalls Nearest Railway Station: Chalakkudy
  • Athirapally Waterfalls Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport.

How Can Reach to Athirapally Waterfalls Kochi: It is located just 73 KM distance from Kochi port city in Kerala state, India. People can go to waterfalls destination via road transport from Kochi city. Foreign countries passengers can come to city via air and water transport where has international airport and harbour.

By Air Flights: The port city has international airport where people can get air flights to other overseas countries and Indian regional places.

By Train Transport: The city has central railway station where people can get trains to other Indian regional places which includes remote and local.

Things to Do near of Athirapally Waterfalls Kochi: passengers can do several things to do near of the Athirapally Waterfalls which some are swimming, fishing, boating and other water sports activities into the Chalakudy River. Walking in deep forest to watch wildlife animals and birds. Eat local Kerala street foods and shopping different types spices and tea etc.

Tourists Attractions near of Athirapally Waterfalls Kochi: people can watch several natural and man made places near of the Athirapally Waterfalls which some are the following.

Attractions near Athirapally Waterfalls: waterfalls top viewpoint, Waterfalls bottom view point, Chalakudy River, Bamboo forest Athirappilly (Elephant crossing zone), Athirapally Tourism Information Center Thrissur, Athirapilly View Point, Niraamaya Retreats Samroha, Clirind Resort, Forrest Villa, Bethania Resorts, Rainland Resort, River Wild cottage etc.

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